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Doubt is a vital part of our thinking. If we are inquisitive and need an answer, we always raise doubts. A solution is not possible till we reach the roots of a problem.

Curiosity to obtain a reply from someone regarding a doubtful situation opens up a plethora of chances to resolve things in a matter of time. After winning a contract, there are several doubts storming the mind- Now what next? It has to be implemented, looking at pros and cons of the situation. Nothing can be done in a day despite urgency. After all, "Rome was not built in a day". Several opinions are gathered, strategies are framed and plans are plotted on the plane. After a heated debate and constant conversation, the leader reaches the most optimized solution. This solution has to be checked and re-checked after every moment. These moments are basically situations when a discrepancy turns up or deviation becomes prominent.

The leader always expects and ensures a smooth implementation of contract after winning. However, there are inevitable situations which might bother him and raise doubts in mind. An effective leadership requires the open and constant communication with like-minded people of the group. The matter may take some time to be resolved.

The doubts shouldn't be hid from the crowd else dire consequences could result in loss of man and fame. They should be discussed in open forum for the best resolution. A small doubt could give rise to a larger doubt. There is no end to these ideas as a person working on the field has to use brain to execute the plan.

Brain-storming gives rise to creativity. If the plan was taking 2 days to complete, an alternative thought had resulted in its effective execution within 24 hours. Thus, one should be ready with a number of alternatives. The leader could arrive at the best alternative through team participation. This effort also helps in searching for a second, third or fourth alternative in case first alternative fails at any time.

It's not possible to stop brain from doubting. If there are no doubts, solutions are not possible. Nothing in the world is perfect. However, perfection is required in the sound and cautious implementation of contract. Skepticism helps in smashing skull so that near perfect solution is achieved on time.

We live in a world of machines and technology. Every single device is created and improved using brains. Each machine is programmed with inputs tried and researched over a long period of time. These inputs are, in fact, a product of several doubts which take birth to find an answer to the needs of daily life. Thus, doubt is considered a road to solution.