Silence Is Golden - Why?

Homo sapiens' have received unique qualities which make them stand apart from plants and animals. The different senses inherited during birth continue till the last moment of life. However, there is something more unique in human beings- silence.

It is considered gold- a pure metal obtained from the interiors of Earth. It is pure like gold hidden in the depth of brain. The brain is the storehouse of thinking power which sends the message to stay quiet in a given situation.

Silence is nurtured bit by bit. It is quite difficult to sit silent in an extremely provocative situation. Regular verbal bashes often disturb the mindset and person is forced to speak out. Sometimes, the so-called quietness gets punished due to unhealthy and uncalled-for revelation of thoughts or speech. It becomes difficult to hold back the words when the level of intolerance reaches peak. Not silence but violence takes the position and destroys the peace spontaneously.

One of the main ingredients of the so-called tranquility is tolerance. If you are able to bear things despite odd situations, you can win the battle. Physical use of body or mental use of words could have detrimental effects in case things are not under control in a given situation. The person may fall flat or get over the odds. However, it is always important to remain silent in order to stop the environment being converted into the arena of gladiators. The words are very damaging to self-respect and can take a toll on self-confidence too. Where a person is mentally strong and possesses the strength to overpower the situation using his mind, the concept of silence stands in forefront.

Apart from tolerance, this tranquility teaches the art of facing odds with smile. It is one of the most difficult tasks as your monetary and non-monetary needs are at stake. However, to give a pragmatic and precise response to opponent, it is important to attack from all fronts rather than mouth. It is often said "Thundering clouds seldom rain". Rain affects each and every part of the Earth when the drops touch the land. Clouds make sound but don't affect the farms in case there is no rain.

Quietness could teach one of the best lessons of all times. Prepare yourself for all eventualities. It is always possible to answer someone directly and show off strength. However, the worth of strength is measured in the battle between two rivals.

Silence is considered a weapon of peace. If you are silent, you make your intentions clear to your opponent. It would encourage him to respond accordingly. Most of the battles have not seen the day due to timely intervention of silence. It aids in escalating the chance to stop reacting to any odd situation. It allows a person to think before shooting arrows.

Nothing could be achieved in entirety, had there been no silence. It generates an environment which is full of peace, serenity and calmness. Its source is further strengthened by happiness and smile. Thus, it could be helpful in bringing the visible "golden smile" on the face.