Tips for Public Speaking Anxieties

Public Speaking Tips - Getting Over Anxieties

So, you're up to conduct a speech to an audience you may or may not be familiar with. Although you prepared long and hard for that moment, there is always a high possibility that you may feel some sort of discomfort. It is not unusual for speakers, and especially those who are first-timers, to get that gut feeling as the nervousness begins to settle in. Don't fret, because there are some simple ways to get rid of that annoying feeling so you can carry out an amazing speech without difficulty.

The 15-second Sweat

The moment you go on stage and settle yourself at the podium or at the center, you are going to feel that heavy feeling for almost the first 15 seconds. This is very normal because your body is adjusting to the situation at hand, and the anxiety feeling is an automatic response. But, this feeling can result in prolonged agony for others where it involves into stuttering and unnecessary body movements - things that could destroy the whole public speaking experience.

The simple work around is for you to take a deep breath. Studies show that taking a deep breath reboots your body senses and puts you into your calmest, which is exactly what you need to be in order to deliver your speech with minimal flaws. This is one of the public speaking tips that reduce tension by a huge margin because you're rejuvenating your body in the process.

Stuttering Worries

Eloquence is a vital asset in delivery, and the bane of eloquence is stuttering. This is very common among speakers who are not comfortable in talking in front of a huge crowd. Also, stuttering can destroy the overall intent of the message because the audience would not understand a thing - and take note, they only remember 25% of what you say!

What you should do is to speak slowly and clearly. Make sure you register what you say in your mind before delivering it so you get the right level of emphasis and tone to present your message's intent. Keeping things on a rhythmic flow will help you deliver your message properly and increase audience retention with one of the great public speaking tips.

Mental Block Pains

The worst thing you can ever encounter is that mental block pain that occurs midway into your speech. Especially when you're on a roll, that awkward pause is not going to do you any good because communication is disrupted. That mental block feeling comes when you least expect it, and you do not want it to ruin your good speech.

Although it may be difficult to prevent mental blocks, the right course of action is learning how to recover from it. Experts simply recover from a mental block moment by making the awkward pause an intended one. This requires you to make a witty statement so you can get back on track with your speech. Others insert a random fact and connect it to the speech.

Whatever your choice is, always focus on the goal of getting back on track. Remain spontaneous and cool about it and your audience may not even notice you had that choking moment.

Public speaking has its hurdles, but with proper coordination and simple recovery techniques, you can deliver your speech with minimal flaws.