Build A Career With Your Public Speaking Skills

Do you enjoy public speaking enough to make a career out of it? If so, here are some ideas for you.

Consider doing public speaking at colleges and universities. Do you have a message you'd love to deliver to an impressionable young audience? Maybe you want to teach them something, warn them about something, or inspire them. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, here's some tips:

Create a brochure about yourself as a speaker that you can mail to different colleges and universities with a letter introducing yourself, and offering your services.

Offer either your speaking fee- (I recommend charging $5,000 for a 2-3 hour speech). Or consider doing your speech for free...and at the end of your speech you can have your products at the back of the room for the students/faculty to buy.

Some products you could offer are things like audio cd sets (that you can record yourself). Have a book or a pamphlet put together for sale that you've written. Compile a bunch of exercises, facts, and resources in a three-ring binder and sell that! Offer business cards with your picture and your speaking service. If done right, you could make a lot of money offering your products at the end of a magnificent speech!

Maybe you would rather speak to young children or the elderly. Perhaps you'd rather speak to middle aged business people or moms. Whatever group of people and subject matter is most appealing to you, there is a way to make it work. I firmly believe that 85% of doing something you love for a living, really rests on your belief that you can do it and be successful at it.

Whatever the group of people you choose to speak to, find out where you could deliver a speech to them that would appeal to them. Where would they like to be? Nature people probably want to be outside. Business people like conference rooms. Students like auditoriums. Moms like to get out almost anywhere, but for a moms group I'd use a hotel conference room or a nice neighborhood clubhouse, depending on the size of the crowd.

Be sure to have something for everyone who attends. This can be a small giveaway, even bottles of water and mints. This lightens the crowd and makes everyone happy to have come. They might be more apt to buy something or spread the word about you/ your speech, if they got something at the end. At the very least, it will put a smile on their faces. Hope this article was helpful! Much success to you in your speaking endeavours!