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I want to have a career with public speaking, but I don't know what to do? Is it possible? Will I make any money? Where do I start? How long will it take before I make a real income?...Good questions. I asked these or similar questions when I was interested in building a career with my public speaking talent. Here's what I found: you can employ practical planning and action...but using affirmations will help you yield greater results when combined (with planning and action).

So, ask yourself what you REALLY want. Do you want to make six figures? Want to have a career speaking to college students, elementary school students, elderly people? Want to talk to people in prisons, hospitals, or business meetings? Find out what people you feel most comfortable talking to or who needs to hear your message the most.

Figure out what you want to be paid, and what you really want your work life to be like. Travelling? Few hours? Speaking on video to people?

Once you have a clear idea about who you want to talk to, what you want to be paid, and what you want your work hours to be like, where, and how often, then you can begin constructing your affirmations.

Affirmations need to be clear, in present tense, and cultivate a feeling or emotion when said. They should also be said with conviction. You are basically saying a statement to convince your mind of the reality you want to have.

Be sure to say your affirmations often, whenever you can. The best time to say them is when you are waking up and as you are falling asleep... but also as often as possible. You can repeat your affirmations while you're driving, while you're in the shower, or getting dressed...any time that you are alone and have time, try to remember to use that time wisely to say your affirmations. Also, saying them while you look yourself in the eyes in a mirror is very powerful.

So, here's some examples of great affirmations you can use, but watch how they are written so you can customize your own affirmations based on what you want in a speaking career.

I give thanks that I am now creating a fun and rewarding public speaking career.
I am now a successful public speaker...and I am paid handsomely.
I am so grateful that I now have a successful career as a public speaker.
I give thanks that I am now earning $10,000 per month as a highly sought after public speaker.

Much success to you!